Government Order with Subject

15/12/2015   G.O (Rt) No.684/2015/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Higher Education Department- Private Aided Colleges- I Grade Librarians placed under UGC Scheme- Anomaly rectification-reinstating of GO(Rt)No.63-2012-H.Edn dated 09.01.2012 with necessary amendments-Orders issued.
12/11/2015   GO(MS) No. 647/2014/HEDN
DCE - Starting up of new 12 arts & Science Colleges   & posts in various  - sanctioned
01/12/2015   GO(MS) No. 668/2015/HEDN
DCE - Creation of new posts in various Arts & Science Colleges - sanctioned orders issued
01/06/2015   G.O (P) No.225/2015/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Payment of Sixth UGC Pay Revision Arrears- Release of Second Installment-
05/05/2015   G.O (Ms) No.156/2015/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Sixth UGC Scheme- Clarifications to the G.O.(P) NO.58-2010-H.Edn dated 27.03.2010-Modified-
28/04/2015   G.O (Ms) No.148/2015/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Govt Arts and science college-appointment of head of the dept & duties -guideline -(G.O.(Ms)No.150-2014 dated,27.03.14)- amended-orders issued.
29/01/2015   G.O (Ms) No.178/2015/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Collegiate Education-Timing of College Teachers-Implementation of Punching System-modified-Orders issued
20/11/2014   G.O.(MS)No.939/2014/H.Edn.
Higher Education-IHRD-Pay Revision-Extending the benefit of 9th Pay Revision to the Employees of IHRD and the institutions under it-Sanctioned-Orders issued.
20/08/2014   G.O.(Ms) No. 692/14/ H.Edn
Higher Education-IHRD- Implimentaion of special rules-sanctioned -orders issued
19/07/2014   G.O.(Ms) No. 552/2014/ H.Edn
Higher Education Department- The terms and conditions of Teaching Staff working in unaided colleges -Sanctioned -Orders issued
15/07/2014   G.O.(Ms) No. 497/2014/ H.Edn.
Higher Education-Rashtriya Uchchatar Shilksha Abhiyan(RUSA)- Implementation in the state Consititution of project Directorate -Sanction accorded -Orders issued
15/07/2014   G.O.(Ms) No. 496/2014/ H.Edn.
Higher Education-Rashtriya Uchchatar Shilksha Abhiyan(RUSA)- Implementation in the state sanction accorded-Orders issued
31/05/2014   GO(MS) No. 224/2014/HEDN
DCE - Creation of new posts in various Arts & Science Colleges - sanctioned orders issued
27/03/2014   G.O (Ms) No.150/2014/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Higher Education Department - Collegiate Education -Appointment, Duties and Responsibilities of
Head of Department in various Departments of Colleges -Guidelines fixed- Orders issued.
28/02/2014   G.O.(Ms) No. 100/14/ H.Edn.
Higher Education – LBS Centre for Science & Technology – Implementation of 9th Pay Revision benefits to the employees of LBS Centre and Engineering Collegesunder it – Orders issued.
21/02/2014   G.O.(Ms) No. 85/2014/ H.Edn.
Higher Education Department -Extension of UGC Scheme benifts to Lecturers working in Arabic Colleges-Fixation, Placement and appointments-Orders issued
05/10/2013   G.O. (Ms.) No: 635/2013/H.Edn
Higher Education - Technical - Apprenticeship Training under Apprentice Act, 1973 -Apprenticeship treated as experience for employment in State Government Organisations - Orders issued.
12/09/2013   G.O. (Ms.) No: 615/2013/H.Edn
Higher Education - Technical -Starting New Aided Courses in State Aided Arts & Science Colleges- sanction accorded- orders issued.
03/09/2013   G.O (Ms) No.597/2013/H.Edn
Higher Education Department – Sixth UGC Scheme-Clarification to the G.O(P).58/2010/H.Edn dated 27.03.2010 -judgement of Hon’ble High court in WP(C) no.28682/2012-complied with orders issued
18/07/2013   G.O (Ms) No.511/2013/H.Edn
Higher Education Department- Self financing/unaided Courses/colleges-execution of renewal agreement with the government
19/07/2012   G.O (Ms) No.332/2012/H.Edn 
Higher Education Department-Higher Education - UGC Scheme -UGC Pay revision - Sanctioning of advanceincrements for persons who have been awarded Ph.D Degree between 1.9.2008 and 18.9.2010- clarification - orders issued
08/11/2011   G.O (Ms) No.309/2011/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-NSS-Weightage of mark to NSS volunteers Modified orders -issued
27/03/2010   G.O.(P) No. 58/2010/H.Edn.
UGC Scheme - Revision of Scale of pay of teachers in Universities, Affiliated colleges, teachers in Law Colleges and Engineering Colleges and Kerala Agricultural University and teachers in Physical Education and qualified Librarians etc – Orders Issued.
06/09/2008   G.O (Rt) No.1355/2008/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Technical Visiting Faculty Scheme in Govt Engineering Colleges and Fine Arts Colleges of the State Committee constituted terms and conditions fixed orders issued
21/08/2007   G.O (MS) No.112/2007/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-NCC Dept - weightage of marks to A,  & C Certificate holders of NCC for appointment in Govt jobs sanctioned orders issued
14/06/2006   G.O (MS) No.126/2006/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-
14/02/2006   G.O (MS) No.26/2006/H.Edn
Higher Education Department- State Central Library – Delegation of Administrative and Financial
powers to the State Librarian, the Administrative Assistant to State Librarian and Deputy
State Librarian – Sanctioned – Orders issued.
19/01/2006   G.O (Ms) No.14/2006/H.Edn
Higher Education Department- Commonpool Library Service - Implementaion of UGC Scheme - further orders issued
04/01/2006   G.O (Rt) No.58/2006/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Thiruvananthapuram PublicLibrary-Library advisory committee reconstituted
04/01/2006   G.O (MS) No.3/2006/H.Edn
Higher Education Department- State Central Library – Rules for Renting of the Auditorium of Children’s Library – orders issued
29/05/2003   G.O (MS) No.209/2003/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Revised fees structure
17/03/2003   G.O (MS) No.66/2003/H.Edn
Higher Education Department- Mobilisation of Non tax revenue - enhanced orders issued
19/04/2001   GO(MS) No. 87/91/ H Edn
UGC Scheme-Extension of benifits to qualifies librarians and Qualified Physical education Teachers Firther Orders Issued
08/12/2000   Circular No.27855/A3/2000/H.Edn
Higher Education Department- Commonpool Libraries - Missing of books responsibility - reg
04/07/2000   G.O (P) No.110/2000/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Universities and Colleges- UGC scheme -Revision of Pay Scales-Fixation Pay
12/07/1999   G.O (MS) No.77/1999/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Conducting of Guidelines – revised orders issued.Certificate Course in Library Science in Thiruvananthapuram Public Library and Kerala
G.O (MS) No.120/1998/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Commonpool Librarians - Departmental Promotion Committee (Lower) constituted - orders issued