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Higher Education Department –  Publishing Draft Seniority List of Staff in the Common Pool Library Service.

26/08/2021 A3/68/2021/HEDN
HIgher Educaiton Department -Common Pool Library Service - General Transfer – Draft list of details – Reg
10/08/2021 A3/117/2021/HEDN
HIgher Educaiton Department - Commonpool Library Service - Modification of  Service Data Register of employees of vatrious Librarian posts   
13/07/2021  A3/68/2021/HEDN
Commonpool Library Service - Application form and guidelines for the  General Transfer  2021

Rules of Procedure of 2nd Session of 15th Kerala Legislative Assembly - Guidelines

22/01/2021 A3/201/2020/HEDN
Speedy implementation of Government Orders and Increasing the effeciency of functioning of Libraries - Guidelines - Issued.
21/01/2021 CIRCULAR No:B1/255/2018
Higher Education Department - Study of the self-Financial Arts Science Colleges in Kerala with focus on quality of Education- Direction for co-operation of institutions for data collection conducted by Kerala Statistical Institute-reg.