Government Order  with Subject

06/11/2020   G.O.(P) No.38/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -UGC Scheme - Revision of Scale of Pay of Teachers in Universities under Higher Education, affiliated Colleges, teachers in Law Colleges and Engineering Colleges and Kerala Agricultural University, Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies and Teachers in Physical Education and Librarians etc. - Modifications - Orers isisued.
06/11/2020   G.O.(P) No.37/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Guidelines for fixing the qualification, age, Scale of Pay and Method of appointment  to the Non-teaching  staff of various Universities in Kerala - Orders issued.
19/09/2020   G.O.(P) No.36/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Gazette Notification – DPC (Higher) for Collegiate Education Department for the post of Principals in Government Teacher Education Colleges and Institute of Advanced Study in Education for the year 2020.
24/08/2020   G.O.(P) No.34/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -The Adhoc DPC (H) for the  Directorate of Collegiate Education  met on  18-08-2020 and Select List of Administrative Assistant for the year 2020
22/08/2020   G.O.(P) No.31/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department - Select List for the post of Assistant Professor in Mridangam
28/05/2020   G.O.(P) No.23/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department - Select list Music Colleges
28/05/2020   G.O.(P) No.18/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Higher Education Department - Payment of Seventh UGC Pay Revision Arrears - Orders Issued.
17/02/2020   G.O.(P) No.13/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Select list for promotion to the category of Professor and Asst Prof in Violin approved orders issued
27/02/2020   G.O.(P) No.12/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Commonpool Library Service DPC Higher
27/02/2020   G.O.(P) No.11/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -  Commonpool Library Service DPC Lower

G.O.(P) No.10/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Compassionate Employment Scheme for dependants of employees of Private Aided Colleges/ Private Aided Training Colleges/ Private Aided Arabic Colleges/ Private Aided Polytechnic Colleges and Private Aided Engineering Colleges who have died inharness guidelines approved orders issued

03/02/2020   G.O.(P) No.9/2020/HEDN
03/02/2020   G.O.(P) No.8/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -select lists for promotion to the posts of Head of the Department in Mechanical Engineering/Electronics Engineering/Instrumentation Engineering/Electrical
Engineering and regularization of the provisional appointment of the Head of the Department in Government Polytechnic colleges
03/02/2020   G.O.(P) No.5/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Select list of Senior Administrative Assistant/Special Officer for Scholarship, Accounts Officers and Administrative Assistants in the Collegiate Education Department for the year 2020
23/01/2020   G.O.(P) No.4/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Select List for promotion to the category of Principal in Govt Sanskrit Colleges  for the year 2019
23/01/2020   G.O.(P) No.3/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Select List for promotion to the category of Professor and Assistant Professor in Venna in Govt Music Colleges for the year 2019
07/01/2020   G.O.(P) No.1/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department - select list for promotion to the post of System Analyst in Government Engineering Colleges