MAY- 2022
Government Order  with Subject
17/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.711/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Private Aided Colleges - Government Nominee in the Governing Body of St. Thomas College, Kozhencherry - Nominated - Orders issued.
17/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.711/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-DCE - Permission to use the services of guest teachers in Government Arts & Science Colleges in the State during the months of April and May 2022 - Sanctioned – Orders Issued
17/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.706/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Technical - Admission to Professional Degree Courses - KEAM 2022 - Kerala - Date of Examination Rescheduled - Orders issued.
16/05/2022  G.O.(Rt) No.703/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Centre for Advanced Printing and Training (C-apt), Thiruvananthapuram - Grant-in-aid under Non-Plan for the year 2022-23 - Release of first installment - Orders issued.
17/05/2022  G.O.(Rt) No.702/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department- Institute of Human Resources Development - Administrative Sanction for the Construction works and Purchase of Machinery & Equipments, Computers, Furnitures & Fixtures and Library Books for various institutionsunder IHRD and re-validating the Administrative Sanction for the construction works in College of Applied Science, Malampuzha-Sanction accorded-orders issued.
16/05/2022  G.O.(Rt) No.700/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Common Pool Library Service - Establishment- Declaration of Probation of Librarian Grade IV - Sanctioned – Orders issued
16/05/2022  G.O.(Rt) No.699/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Common Pool Library Service - Establishment- Declaration of Probation Smt. Manjusha. R, Librarian Grade -IV, Govt. College, Karyavattom- Orders issued.
16/05/2022  G.O.(Rt) No.694/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Additional Skill Acquisition Programme Kerala - Sri. Arif Hussain K., Junior Engineer (Civil), Rubber Board - Deputation Extended - Orders issued.
16/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.693/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Administrative Sanction for the purchase of Photography equipments and DSLR Camera in Government College of Fine Arts, Thrissur - Sanction accorded - orders issued.
16/05/2022  G.O.(Rt) No.692/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Proposal for the construction of new building for Government Technical High School, Kannur - Administrative Sanction - Accorded - Orders issued.
16/05/2022  G.O.(Rt) No.691/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Proposal for the construction of compound wall for Government Technical High School, Sultanbathery - Administrative Sanction - Accorded - Orders issued.
16/05/2022  G.O.(Rt) No.690/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Proposal for the construction of new Workshop building at Government Technical High School, Ezhukone - Revised Administrative Sanction - Accorded - Orders issued.
16/05/2022  G.O.(Rt) No.689/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Technical - Rent Revision of the rented buildings in which Government Technical High School Kanjirapally functioned – Orders Issued.
16/05/2022  G.O.(Rt) No.688/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department- Technical - Rent Revision of the rented buildings in which Government Technical High School Kanjirapally functioned – Orders Issued.
12/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.684/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department- Collegiate Education - Order of Hon'ble Kerala Administrative Tribunal dated 01.04.2022 in OA(EKM) No.28/2022 filed by Shri. Rhethuparnan V.T. - Compiled with - Orders Issued.
12/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.683/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Technical Education - Annual Plan 2022-23 - Construction activities, Purchase of furniture, Desktop Computers, UPS, etc. in respect of various Government Polytechnic Colleges - Administrative sanction accorded - Orders Issued.
12/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.682/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-  State Central Library - Plan Scheme 2022-23 - Administrative approval for project activities – Sanctioned – Orders Issued.
11/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.681/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Releasing of  resumed  fund of  C-Apt - Sanctioned - Orders issued.
11/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.680/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-WP(C) No. 16456/2015 of the Hon'ble High Court filed by Sri. Chandran Thayiparambath and others - Judgement complied with - Orders issued.
11/05/2022  G.O.(Rt) No.679/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-
11/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.676/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department- Private Aided Colleges - Government Nominee in the Governing Body of Bishop Abraham Memorial College, Thuruthikkad - Nominated - Orders issued.
11/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.675/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-LBS Centre for Science and Technology – Starting of new course/Closure of existing course in LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura during the academic year 2022-23 - Orders issued.
11/05/2022  G.O.(Rt) No.674/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department- Purchase of ETAB Software with one year warranty in Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam- Purchase Sanction accorded - Orders issued.
10/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.673/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-  Extension of Autonomous status to Fathima Matha National College, Kollam - Expert Committee for spot inspection of the College Prof. Dr.C.R.Prasad Department of Malayalam University of Kerala as nominee  of State Government - Orders issued
10/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.672/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Kerala University – Preparation of feasibility study report for Centre for Renewable Energy & materials Kariavattom Campus – Administrative Sanction – Revalidate Orders Issued.
10/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.671/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Technical Education - B.Tech (Evening) Course Admission 2022-23 - Prospectus approved - Orders issued
10/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.670/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department- Commonpool library service - Establishment -Declaration of Probation of Dr. Meena. V , UGC Libraian , Govt. Arts & Science College, Kozhikode   - Orders issued
10/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.669/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-The Kerala State Science and Technology Museum - Science City, Kottayam - Release of Grant-in-aid (Plan) for the  year 2022-23 - sanctioned - Orders Issued
10/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.668/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department- IHRD - Released of Grant-in-aid General Salary (NP) - Sanctioned - Orders Issued
10/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.667/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-DTE
–KEAM 2022-23 - Prospectus Modified - Orders issued.
10/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.666/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-DTE – Ratification of the action of the DTE in shifrting of the post of f Workshop Instructor (Computer Wing) from Purapuzha Government Polytechnic college to Vattiyoorkavu Central Polytechnic College – Ratified – Orders Issued.
10/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.665/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Sree Narayana Open University - Release of  Non Plan Grant in the Financial Year 2022 - 23 - Sanctioned - Orders issued.
09/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.664/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department- Kerala Council for Historical Research, Thiruvananthapuram – Annual Plan schemes for 2022-23 - Administrative Sanction Accorded - Orders Issued.
09/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.663/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Regularization of unauthorised absence period of Smt Ani Jacob, Workshop Instructor, Government Polytechnic College, Wandiperiyar as non-duty -  Sanctioned - Orders issues.
09/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.662/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-DTE - Ratification of the action of granting full additional charge of Principal, Mavelikkara Raja Ravivarma Fine Arts College - Ratified - Orders issued.
09/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.661/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Purchase of Furniture and Construction in various Government Engineering Colleges under the Technical Education Department and Administrative and Project Related Expenditures of TrEST Research Park – Administrative Sanction accorded - Orders Issued.
09/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.660/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-DTE - Establishment – Ratification of Promotion/ Reversion of Head of Department - Ratified - Orders Issued.
09/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.659/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-- Dr. Bindu M. Nambiar, Principal, Govt. Law College, Ernakulam - Foreign visit for private purpose - Permission Granted - Orders issued.
08/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.658/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-The National University of Advanced Legal Studies-refund of resumed amount - sanction accorded - Orders issued
08/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.657/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit - refund of resumed amount-sanction accorded - Orders issued
06/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.656/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Permission to start classes in  Government Commercial Institutes,  Government Institute of Fashion Designing Government Technical High Schools from the month of May - Sanctioned - Orders issued
06/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.655/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Admission to Part - Time Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety Engineering conducted at Supervisory Development Centre, Kalamassery - Prospectus approved - Orders Issued.
06/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.654/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Imposing fine to the  Teachers and Students  for note returning the books to the libraries  on time  - Orders issued.
06/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.653/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Authorising the Universities as the SPVs for the procurement of equipments for the KIIFB Funded Projects - Sanctioned - Orders Issued.
06/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.652/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Prospectus for Admission to MCA Regular Course for the academic year 2022-23 - Approved - Orders issued.
06/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.651/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department- Common Pool Library ServiceEstablishment – Canceling the LWA period to Smt Manju CS, Librarian ( Grade-IV) - Sanctioned - Orders Issued.
06/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.647/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-K.R. Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science and Arts - Approval of Select list and engaging the candidates selected on contract basis - Sanctioned - Orders issued.
05/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.646/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-DCE - Establishment-Declaration of Probation of Smt. Lakshmi R, Assistant Professor, Sree Swathi Thirunal Govt. Music College, Thiruvananthapuram   - Orders issued.
05/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.645/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Private Aided Colleges - Government Nominee in the Governing Body of Titus II Teachers College, Thiruvalla - Nominated - Orders issued 
05/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.644/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department- DCE  -  Permission to Dr. Chithra S. Nair, Assistant Professor,  Kanjiramkulam K.N.M Govt. College to attend the virtual Student exchange programme through Online - Sanctioned - orders issued.
05/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.643/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-IHRD - Excemption of Registration Fees for the teachers of Poly Technic College under IHRD for attending the Training Programmes conducted by SITTER Sanctioned   - Orders issued.
05/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.642/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-DCE  - Establishment - Permission to publish a Book named " A Competitive Book for Economics"  to Sri. H.R, Jinu,  Assistant Professor, K.N.M Govt. Arts And Science College, Kanjiramkulam - Sanctioned - orders issued.
05/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.641/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-DCE – Establishment - LWA to Dr. Sijith. E, Assistant Professor, Govt. Brennan College, Thalassery -  Sanctioned - Orders issued.
05/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.640/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Mahatma Gandhi University -  Release of fund under Plan Schemes in the year 2022-23 - Orders issued.
05/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.639/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-DTE  - Granted Purchase and Permission to establishment  of  Campus Networking in Govt. Polytechnic College, Kalamassery - Sanctioned - Orders issued.
05/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.638/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University - Refund of resumed amount - Sanction accorded - Orders Issued
04/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.636/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department- DTE – Medical Reimbursement Claim in respect of Smt. Saraswathy. N, Head Cook, Govt. Poly Technic College, Perinthalmanna - Sanctioned - Orders Issued.
04/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.635/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Self Finance Colleges - Permission to utilize the services of Guest Lectures in Aided Arts And Scienc Colleges for the month of April & May 2022 -  Sanctioned - Orders issued. 
04/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.634/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-DTE -LWA to Sri. Noushad. O.V, Workshop Instructor, Govt Womens Polytechnic College, Kottakal- Sanctioned - Orders issued.
04/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.632/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Recognition of MGTE/TGTE Machine Work (Lower/Higher) or Letter – Press Printing – Machine Work Course conducted by Department of Technical Education, Tamil Nadu as equivalent qualification to KGTE (Higher/Lower) in Printing - Orders Issued
04/05/2022 G.O.(Rt) No.631/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Technical Education - Sri. Hatty P Mathew, Parappurath House, Thaikunnu P.O, Wayanad - Condonation for delay in submitting application for the correction of date of birth in T.H.S.L.C Book - Ordered  Issued