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Higher Education Department -Guidelines for Online General Transfer 2022 - Commonpool Library Service -  reg 
Higher Education Department - Establishment - Commonpool Library Service - Details of Grade - IV Librarians covered under Statutory Pension Scheme - reg
19/09/2022 K3/181/2022-HEDN 
Actions to be taken against Drug Abuse in Campus
Higher Education Department - Common Pool  Library Services -  General Transfer 2022 - Updating service details  of the employees in  Spark - reg.
25/07/2022  A3/64/2021/HEDN
Higher Education Department –Common Pool Library Service – Restoration of posts of librarians temporarily shifted to other institutions for various purposes- Reg. 
22/07/2022 A3/129/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department – Common Pool Library Service – Establishment - Inviting option regarding appointment to the post of UGC Librarian – Reg
22/07/2022 A3/88/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Common Pool Library Service - Establishment -Constituency of Inspection Committee- reg.
30/04/2022 A3/111/2021/HEDN
Higher Education Department –Common Pool Library Service – Submitting Application for Occupation in Foreign Service to the Existing Librarian Grade-IV post in the Institute for Civil Services Examination Training Society under the Scheduled Caste Development Department
12/04/2022 K3/61/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department – Providing white cuttings and office waste papers to Kerala Paper Productss Ltd – Reg
30/03/2022 A3/43/2022/HEDN
Higher Education Department- Common Pool Library Service – Establishment - Departmental Promotion Committee Meeting Provides Confidential Reports From 2022 – 2021 – reg