Know the Department

A Principal Secretary to Government heads Department of Higher Education. Collegiate Education and Technical Education, also comes under this department. Directorate of Collegiate Education is the Government agency to make arrangements for starting new Government colleges, new courses and for payment of salary to the staff of aided colleges. Directorate of Technical Education is in charge of various institutions imparting technical education in the state including Engineering colleges, Polytechnics, College of Fine arts, Food craft institutes, Commercial Institutes, Technical high schools, Vocational Training Centres etc

Procedure followed in the decision making process

The cases are generally processed at the section level and the files are submitted to Under Secretary / Deputy Secretary / Joint Secretary / Additional Secretary / Principal Secretary / Ministers as per the nature / requirement of the case. The cases shall be disposed of at the appropriate level based on the provisions contained in the Rules of Business/Secretariat Instructions and Kerala Secretariat Office Manual.

Norms set by Higher Education Department for the discharge of its functions

Decision taking officers shall ensure that proper priorities are given in respect of each case coming within their jurisdiction and necessary measures will be taken to check delay and arrears. Necessary provisions have been incorporated in the office manual for the speedy disposal of case and instructions are being issued from time to time for the discharge of the functions of the Department effectively.

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