Working Group conducted date : 22/05/2020


26/06/2020   G.O.(Rt) No.869/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department-Govt College of fine Arts  - purchase of furniture for hostel Administrative and purchase sanction accorded orders issued
26/06/2020   G.O.(Rt) No.864/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Institute of Human Resources Development- Administrative Sanction for the purchase of Machinery & Equipments, Computers, Furniture & Library books for various institutions under IHRD- Sanction accorded- Orders issued.
26/06/2020   G.O.(Rt) No.859/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Higher Edn Dept- Collegiate Education- Annual Plan 2020-21- Plan Schemes pertaining to Collegiate Education Department-Administrative Sanction accorded-Orders issued.
26/06/2020   G.O.(Rt) No.855/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department - Annual Plan 2020-21 - purchase of software and furniture at various GPTCs sanction accorded orders issued
15/06/2020   G.O.(Rt) No.786/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department - Working Group Meeting – Administrative Sanction to various Plan  Schemes (2020-21) – Accorded – Orders Issued.
08/06/2020   G.O.(Rt) No.732/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Implementation of the projects and to meet the administrative expenditure for TREST Research Park, Purchase of 16 Nos of Laptops and 9 Nos of Printers & Stereo Zoom Microscope with integrated 10MP Camera for College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram -Administrative sanction accorded - Orders issued.