Working Group condcuted date : 10/04/2018

24/08/2018   G.O (Rt) No.1752/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department
- Technical Education - Annual Plan 2018-19 - construction in Government Polytechnic Colleges - Administrative sanction - accorded - orders issued
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.869/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Higher Education - Administrative Sanction for the Procurement and Construction works in LBS Centre for Science and Technology and LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura - Sanction accorded -
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.868/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-  Administrative Sanction for the construction of workshop buflding to the Government Technical High School, Nenjvambram, Kannur - Orders issued.
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.867/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Higher Education - Administra€ive Sanctior for the purchase of the machinery & equipments, furniture and fixtures and Ubrary books for the Institutions under IHRD -
28/04/2018   G.O (Rt) No.852/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department -Collegiate Education - Annual Plan - Plan Schemes pertaining to Collegiate Education Department - Administrative Sanction accorded 
28/04/2018   G.O (Rt) No.851/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department -Annual Plan - Schemes pertaining to Govt. Law College, Thiruvananthapuram - Administrative Sanction accorded - Orders issued
28/04/2018   G.O (Rt) No.849/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Departmet -Plan Proposals- Working Group Meeting -Administrative Sanction to various Plan Schemes—Sanction Accorded-Orders issued
19/04/2018   G.O (Rt) No.792/2018/H.EDN
ഉന്നത വിദ്യാഭ്യാസ വകുപ്പ്  - എൻ സി സി വകുപ്പ് -  2018-19 സാമ്പത്തിക വർഷത്തെ  പദ്ധിതികൾക്കു ഭരണാനുമതി നൽകി ഉത്തരവാകുന്നു