Government Order with Subject

15/12/2015   G.O (Rt) No.684/2015/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Higher Education Department- Private Aided Colleges- I Grade Librarians placed under UGC Scheme- Anomaly rectification-reinstating of GO(Rt)No.63-2012-H.Edn dated 09.01.2012 with necessary amendments-Orders issued.
01/06/2015   G.O (P) No.225/2015/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Payment of Sixth UGC Pay Revision Arrears- Release of Second Installment-
05/05/2015   G.O (Ms) No.156/2015/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Sixth UGC Scheme- Clarifications to the G.O.(P) NO.58-2010-H.Edn dated 27.03.2010-Modified-
28/04/2015   G.O (Ms) No.148/2015/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Govt Arts and science college-appointment of head of the dept & duties -guideline -(G.O.(Ms)No.150-2014 dated,27.03.14)- amended-orders issued.
29/01/2015   G.O (Ms) No.178/2015/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Collegiate Education-Timing of College Teachers-Implementation of Punching System-modified-Orders issued
18/07/2013   G.O (Ms) No.511/2013/H.Edn
Higher Education Department- Self financing/unaided Courses/colleges-execution of renewal agreement with the government
08/11/2011   G.O (Ms) No.309/2011/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-NSS-Weightage of mark to NSS volunteers Modified orders -issued
14/06/2006   G.O (MS) No.126/2006/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-
14/02/2006   G.O (MS) No.26/2006/H.Edn
Higher Education Department- State Central Library – Delegation of Administrative and Financial
powers to the State Librarian, the Administrative Assistant to State Librarian and Deputy
State Librarian – Sanctioned – Orders issued.
19/01/2006   G.O (Ms) No.14/2006/H.Edn
Higher Education Department- Commonpool Library Service - Implementaion of UGC Scheme - further orders issued
04/01/2006   G.O (Rt) No.58/2006/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Thiruvananthapuram PublicLibrary-Library advisory committee reconstituted
04/01/2006   G.O (MS) No.3/2006/H.Edn
Higher Education Department- State Central Library – Rules for Renting of the Auditorium of Children’s Library – orders issued
17/03/2003   G.O (MS) No.66/2003/H.Edn
Higher Education Department- Mobilisation of Non tax revenue - enhanced orders issued
08/12/2000   Circular No.27855/A3/2000/H.Edn
Higher Education Department- Commonpool Libraries - Missing of books responsibility - reg
04/07/2000   G.O (P) No.110/2000/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Universities and Colleges- UGC scheme -Revision of Pay Scales-Fixation Pay
12/07/1999   G.O (MS) No.77/1999/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Conducting of Guidelines – revised orders issued.Certificate Course in Library Science in Thiruvananthapuram Public Library and Kerala
G.O (MS) No.120/1998/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Commonpool Librarians - Departmental Promotion Committee (Lower) constituted - orders issued