Government Order  with Subject

24/08/2020   G.O.(P) No.34/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -The Adhoc DPC (H) for the  Directorate of Collegiate Education  met on  18-08-2020 and Select List of Administrative Assistant for the year 2020
22/08/2020   G.O.(P) No.31/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department - Select List for the post of Assistant Professor in Mridangam
28/05/2020   G.O.(P) No.23/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department - Select list Music Colleges
28/05/2020   G.O.(P) No.18/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Higher Education Department - Payment of Seventh UGC Pay Revision Arrears - Orders Issued.
17/02/2020   G.O.(P) No.13/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Select list for promotion to the category of Professor and Asst Prof in Violin approved orders issued
27/02/2020   G.O.(P) No.12/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Commonpool Library Service DPC Higher
27/02/2020   G.O.(P) No.11/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -  Commonpool Library Service DPC Lower

G.O.(P) No.10/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Compassionate Employment Scheme for dependants of employees of Private Aided Colleges/ Private Aided Training Colleges/ Private Aided Arabic Colleges/ Private Aided Polytechnic Colleges and Private Aided Engineering Colleges who have died inharness guidelines approved orders issued

03/02/2020   G.O.(P) No.9/2020/HEDN
03/02/2020   G.O.(P) No.8/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -select lists for promotion to the posts of Head of the Department in Mechanical Engineering/Electronics Engineering/Instrumentation Engineering/Electrical
Engineering and regularization of the provisional appointment of the Head of the Department in Government Polytechnic colleges
03/02/2020   G.O.(P) No.5/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Select list of Senior Administrative Assistant/Special Officer for Scholarship, Accounts Officers and Administrative Assistants in the Collegiate Education Department for the year 2020
23/01/2020   G.O.(P) No.4/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Select List for promotion to the category of Principal in Govt Sanskrit Colleges  for the year 2019
23/01/2020   G.O.(P) No.3/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department -Select List for promotion to the category of Professor and Assistant Professor in Venna in Govt Music Colleges for the year 2019
07/01/2020   G.O.(P) No.1/2020/HEDN
Higher Education Department - select list for promotion to the post of System Analyst in Government Engineering Colleges