Date   Government Order  with Subject
22/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.1002/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department - DCE -  Promotion  to the post of Administrative Assistant/ Accounts Officer - orders issued
22/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.997/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department -Dr.Anjalil Abraham, Assoc. Professor, Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara period from 01.11.2016 to 30.11.2016 - treated as non duty- orders iisued
21/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.994/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department - Administrative sanction for executing agreement for the renewal of NOC for conducting existing MBA course in People Institute of Management Studies, Munnad, Kasargod - orders issued
21/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.992/2018/H.EDN
19/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.989/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department -Shri Shibu M Das Librarian Gr.III - Govt. Polytechnic College, Kaduthuruthi - probation declared - orders issued
19/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.988/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department - Admission to BEd and MEd course for the academic year 2018-20 in the Government /Aided /Self Financing Training Colleges / University Colleges of Teacher Education /UniverSitY Centres in the State - Orders issued.
18/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.987/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Request for extending the role of G.Edn constituted Technical Committee for the various KIIFb projects of Higher Education Department
18/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.985/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Smt.Elizebath K V Librarian Gr.II, Govt. Engg College, Thrissur - probation declared - orders issued
18/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.981/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Deputation extension of Sri. Vinod.S.R, Clerk, Thalakkad Grama Panchayath to LBS Centre.
18/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.980/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Sri. Aneesh S, Assistant Professor in Political Science, University College, TVM - LWA - reg 
18/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.979/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Proposal for declaration of Probation of Sri. Lal.K, Professor Grade - II in Painting , CFA, Tvm.
17/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.978/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-14th LA Starred Question No.243
17/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.977/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Sri Swathi Thirunal govt music college ,Thiruvananthapuram,-auditorium sanctioned -orders issued
17/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.975/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Shri Ajith K P, Librarian Gr.II, Govt. TD Medical College, Alappuzha - probation declared orders issued
17/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.974/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-PETITION OF SRI. K.P. KURIAN
17/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.972/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Govt Technical High School, Kannur - Construction of New Building - Administrative Sanction requested— Reg.
17/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.971/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Directorate of Technical Education - Government .Engineering College, Thrissur - Construction of an Annex Block for Production Engireering Department - Administrative Sanction requested
17/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.970/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Annual Plan 2018-19- proposal for Working Group-reg
16/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.969/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Education-Technical-Directorate of Technical Education-Purchase of 68 Nos. of Desktop Computers for Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram-Administrative Sanction and Purchase Sanction-Requested
16/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.968/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Higher Education Department - Calicut University - Foreign Visit of Dr.Gopinathan.C., Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology - Ex-Post Facto Sanction -Accorded -Orders issued.
16/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.967/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Smt. Raji Koshy, PTA Catholicate College- LWA- reg
16/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.965/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department - National Institute of Advanced Legal Studies --Resumptidn of Funds- Re allocation in the Financial Year 2018-19 -Sanction accorded release out of the budget provision during 2018-2019- —Orders issued.
16/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.964/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-WP(C) 39989/2017 filed by Dr. Smitha S L , NSS college for women, Cherthala-judgment-reg
16/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.963/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Smt. Kalpana S Vijayakumar, Librarian Gr.II, College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram - probation declared orders issued
16/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.962/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Commonpool Library Service - Smt.Sakhilekha A Librarian Gr.III, Govt. Polytechnic College, Vennikkulam - declaration of probation - orders issued
16/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.961/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Commonpool Library Service - Smt.Sherly Thomas, Librarian Gr.II, Medical College, Konni - declaration of probation - orders issued
16/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.960/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Commonpool Library Service - Smt.Dhanyakumari M R, Librarian Gr.II, Govt. Medical  College, Kottayam - declaration of probation - orders issued.
15/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.954/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Dr. Bindu G.R - request for permission for attending the International Conference June 20-22,2018 at Amalfi Coast, ITALY - Reg.
14/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.952/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-State Level NSS Cell- Changing the nomenclature of State Laison Officer, NSS to State NSS Officer- Orders issued.
14/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.950/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-W P (C ) 39798/2017 filed by Sri.Saji Basheer - Deputation of Sri.Tharunlal.S, Deputy Secretary, Higher Education Department to the Office of the Advocate General, Ernakulam -– Sanction accorded - Orders Issued
16/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.949/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Sri. Satheese Chandrabose K.P, Assistant Professor, Sri. Neelakanta Govt. Sanskrit College, Pattambi - Cancellation of unavailed leave - reg
14/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.948/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Entrance Examination for Admission to Engineering Courses 2018 - Examination Centre at Dubai - Deputing officials for the orderly conduct of examination - Government orders requested
16/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.946/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-OA (EKM) 2944/17 FILED BY DR. VALSALAKUMAR.N AND OA (EKM) 2945/17 
11/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.945/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Judgment dated 12.10.2017 of the Hon'ble High Court in W.P.(C)32668/2017 filed by Shri Hareesh M Substation Assistant, KSSTM - complied with orders issued
11/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.944/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Prospectus for admission to the Polytechnic Diploma Courses under the State Board of Technical Education during 2018-19 approved - Orders Issued.
11/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.942/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department - Administrative Sanction for the Infrastructure development of 5 Government Arts & Science Colleges, under KIIFB Projects - Modified - Orders Issued.
11/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.940/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Annual Plan 2018-19-Kerala State Higher Education Council-Administrative Sanction for Schemes accorded-Orders issue
11/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.938/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Annual Plan 2018-19-Schemes pertaining to Govt.Law College,Kozhikode-Administrative Sanction accorded-Orders issued
11/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.937/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Annual Plan 2018-19-Schemes pertaining to Govt.Law College,Thrissur-Administrative Sanction accorded-Orders issued
11/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.936/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Foreign visit - Dr.Manoj Chacko, Assistant Professor, University of Kerala - reg
11/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.935/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- CUSAT - Proposal to be submitted to MHRD in connection with Institutions of Eminence - approval of State Govt.
10/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.933/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-കേരള സ്റ്റേറ്റ് ലൈബ്രറി കൗൺസിലിന് കീഴിലുള്ള അംഗ ഗ്രന്ധശാലകളിലേ ലൈബ്രേറിയന്മാരുടെ ലൈബ്രേറിയൻ അലവൻസ് വർധിപ്പിച്ചത് പ്രാബല്യത്തിയതിൽ മാറ്റം വരുത്തി - ഉത്തരവ് പുറപ്പെടുവിക്കുന്നു
10/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.932/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Smt.Liya Mathew, Librarian Gr.III - Delcaration of probation - orders issued
10/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.931/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Collegiate education-Annual Plan 2018-19 -Plan Schemes pertaining Collegiate education Department-Administrative sanction accorded Orders issued
10/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.929/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Working Group Meeting on 30.04.2018 - Administrative Sanction and Purchase Sanction - Government Polytechnic College, Cherthala, Thrikkaripur and Neyyattinkara - reg
10/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.927/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Technical Committee Constitution- RGM  Govt. Arts & Science College, Attappady
10/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.926/2018/H.EDN
10/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.925/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Shri Jinesh P S , Workshop Instructor, Maharajas Technological Institute, Thrissur -IFMA sanctioned orders issued
09/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.924/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Medical Reimbursement- in R/O Sri. Balakrishnan   
09/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.923/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Plan Fund LBS Centre - 2018-19, 2nd Working Group.
09/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.922/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Declaration of probation of Sri. P.K.Manoj, Professor Grade - I in painting , College of Fine Arts, Thrissur 
09/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.921/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-സാങ്കേതിക വിദ്യാഭ്യാസം - സർക്കാർ പോളിടെക്നിക് കോളേജ് - കമ്പ്യൂട്ടർ / കമ്പ്യൂട്ടർ ഹാർഡ്‌വെയർ മെയിന്റനൻസ് എഞ്ചിനീയറിംഗ് വിഭാഗം ഇലക്ട്രോണിക്സ് / ഇലക്ട്രോണിക്സ് ആൻഡ് കമ്മ്യൂണിക്കേഷൻ വിഭാഗം പഠനാ വശ്യത്തിനായി അവധിയിലായിരുന്ന ഹെഡ് ഓഫ് സെക്ഷൻ തസ്തികയിൽ ജോലി ചെയ്തിരുന്ന അധ്യാപകരെ ജോലിയിൽ പ്യൂനഃ പ്രവേശിക്കുന്നതിന് അനുമതി നൽകി ഉത്തരവ് പുറപ്പെടുവിക്കുന്നു
09/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.920/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Release of plan fund LBS and Centre for excellence for disability studies 
08/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.919/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Shri Chithran AR , Librarian Gr.III - Declaration of Probation - orders issued
09/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.918/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-collegiate education- estta- temporary service of Kudumbasree units -sanctioned -orders issued
09/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.917/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Administrative Sanction - Government Polytechnic College, Kaduthuruthy - Shifting to new building - reg.
09/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.916/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- WP(C) 1992/2018 filed by Sri.P.P.Jageer ,Associate Professor(Ret) S.N.M. College Maliankara
08/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.915/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Kairali Research Awards - Guidelines - approved - orders issued
08/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.912/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Deputation of Dr. Usha Titus LAS ,Principal Secretary to Government -Higher Education Department  to attend the meeting of Rashtria Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA),in New Delhi- Ex Post Fato Sanction accorded -Orders issued
08/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.911/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-monthly rent of Otappalam NCC  Batallion Office Bldg enhanced - orders issued
08/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.910/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-കോളേജിന്റെ പേര് കെ.റ്റി.എം. കോളേജ് ഓഫ് അഡ്വാന്‍സ്ഡ് സ്റ്റഡീസ് എന്നാക്കി മാറ്റുന്നത് - സംബന്ധിച്ച്
08/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.909/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-CUSAT - Foreign visit -Dr,ajith Mohan. K.R. Asst.Director & Headd,Dept.of Physical Edn.
08/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.908/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-ഉന്നത വിദ്യാഭ്യാസ വകുപ്പ് - പതിനാലാം കേരള നിയമ സഭ- പത്താം സമ്മേളനം- നക്ഷത്ര ചിഹ്നമിട്ട ചോദ്യം 244- ഡിഗ്രി തലത്തില്‍ ചോയ്സ് ബേസ്ഡ് ക്രെഡിറ്റ് സെമസ്റ്റര്‍ സിസ്റ്റം സംബന്ധിച്ച്
07/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.907/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Kerala State Science and Technology Museum,Thiruvananthapuram - Annual Plan schemes for 2018-19 - Administrative Sanction accorded - Orders issued.
07/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.906/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Higher Education Department – Collegiate Education ­ Establishment – Deputation of   Sri.   Hari   Kumar   G.,   Deputy   Secretary,   Higher   Education   Department   to   the office   of   the   Advocate   General,   Ernakulam   –   Expost   facto   sanction   accorded   ­
Orders Issued.
07/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.905/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Dr. Jayanthi J.L., Physics Department - Extension of joining time - ratification - reg   906  07.05.2018   OA 1814/2014 of Hon'ble KAT filed by Sri. Jentle T Varghese - reg 
07/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.904/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Expost   facto   sanction accorded   for   deputation   of   Sri.Harikumar.G,   Deputy   Secretary,   Higher   Education Department to attend the Adalath of the Kerala State Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes at Collectorate Conference Hall, Kozhikode  –  Orders issued
07/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.903/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-M.A. Devt. Economics awarded by University of Calicut & M.A. Economics Degree of University of Kerala - equated - orders issued
07/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.902/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- ശ്രീമതി അനിത റ്റി.സി. സ്റ്റേറ്റ് ലെവല്‍ എന്‍.എസ്.എസ്. സെല്ലില്‍ ജൂനിയര്‍ സൂപ്രണ്ട് തസ്തികയില്‍ അന്യത്ര സേവനത്തിനായി നല്‍കിയ അപേക്ഷ സംബന്ധിച്ച്
07/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.901/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Medical reimbursement - Application submitted by Sri.Sunil Das.K.R, trade Instructor, Government Polytechnic College, Cherthala - reg.
07/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.900/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Working Group Meeting on 30.04.2018 - Administrative Sanction and Purchase Sanction - Government Polytechnic College, Cherthala, Thrikkaripur and Neyyattinkara - reg.
07/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.899/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Initial appointment of Asst.Professor.-TKMCE-Kollam
07/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.898/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Working Group Meeting - 25.04.2018 and 26.04.2018 - Administrative Sanction - Central Polytechnic College, Vattiyoorkavu - reg.
05/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.894/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Faculty Development Programme of University Grants Commission - Deputation of Teacher Fellow - Sri. Santhosh R., Associate Professor in Physical Education, Sree Narayana College, Punalur, Kollam for undergoing Ph.D.Course
05/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.893/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-എൻ സി സി വകുപ്പ് - 2018 -2019 സാമ്പത്തിക വർഷത്തെ പദ്ധതികൾക്ക് ഭരണാനുമതി നൽകി ഉത്തരവ് പുറപ്പെടുവിക്കുന്നു
05/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.892/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-സ്റ്റേറ്റ് സെന്‍ട്രല്‍ ലൈബ്രറി - പ്ലാന്‍ സ്കീം 2018-19 പദ്ധതി പ്രവര്‍ത്തനങ്ങള്‍ക്ക് ഭരണാനുമതി നല്‍കി ഉത്തരവ് പുറപ്പെടുവിക്കുന്നു.
05/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.891/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Shri Ashhar A , Lecturer, Govt. Polytechnic College, Cherthala, LWA sanctioned
04/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.890/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Collegiate Education - Orders of the Hon'ble Kerala Administrative Tribunal in filed by Dr. T.D.Beena & Dr.K.K.Beena respectively - Complied with - Orders issued. 
04/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.889/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-മദ്യത്തിനും മയക്കുമരുന്നിനും എതിരെയുള്ള ബോധവത്കരണ സൈമിനാറും പരിശീലനവും സംസ്ഥാന തല ഉദ് ഘടന പരിപാടിയുടെ നടത്തിപ്പിലേക്കു തുക   ഭരണാനുമതി നൽകി ഉത്തരവാകുന്നു
04/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.888/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Equivalency certificate- request from Ahmad Shiraz A.R -reg
04/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.887/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Technical - Sri.Sherri M.K., Lecturer in Computer Engineering Polytechnic College, Mattanur - Terminated from service - Review Petition - rejected,- Orders issued.
04/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.886/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Kurichi THS- Special Trade
03/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.885/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Government Law College, Ernakulam - Letter from Smt. Mini Paul, Assistant Professor in Law, forwarding of—, reg.
03/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.884/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-ഉന്നത വിദ്യാഭ്യാസ വകുപ്പ് - പതിനാലാം കേരള നിയമസഭ- പത്താം സമ്മേളനം - നക്ഷത്ര ചിഹ്നമിട്ട നിയമസഭാ ചോദ്യം 253- ഉന്നത വിദ്യാഭ്യാസ രംഗത്ത് നിലവാര പരിശോധനയ്ക്കായി സംവിധാനം- സംബന്ധിച്ച്
03/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.882/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Faculty Development Programme of University Grants Commission - Smt. Priya Parvathi Ameena Jose, Assistant Professor in Physics, St. Teresa's College (Autonomous), Ernakulam - Extension of the term of deputation for completing  
03/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.881/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- extension of deputation of Vijaya Kumar 
03/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.879/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- 14th KLA - 4th session - Starred Question No 267
03/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.878/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-4th KLA - 5th session - Starred Question No 261
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.877/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- collegiate education-estta- Dr.Vijayalekshmi.G,principal -interest free loan- amount returns -sanctioned-orders issued
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.876/2018/H.EDN
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.875/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Faculty Development Programme of University Grants Commission - Smt. Jovia Jose, Assistant Professor in Physics, Vimala College Thrissur for undergoing Ph.D. Course - Erratum - Orders issued
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.874/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-collegiate education-estta- Dr.Vijayalekshmi.G,principal -interest free loan- amount returns -sanctioned-orders issued
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.873/2018/H.EDN
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.872/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- increasing the renumeration of faculties of B.Tech /B.arch Degree courses evening batch
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.871/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Re-allocation of fund resumed from STSB account of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University - Orders issued.
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.870/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Higher Education Department - technical high school construction - land acquisition -amount-sanctioned -orders issued
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.869/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-Higher Education - Administrative Sanction for the Procurement and Construction works in LBS Centre for Science and Technology and LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura - Sanction accorded -
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.868/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department-  Administrative Sanction for the construction of workshop buflding to the Government Technical High School, Nenjvambram, Kannur - Orders issued.
02/05/2018   G.O (Rt) No.867/2018/H.EDN
Higher Education Department- Higher Education - Administra€ive Sanctior for the purchase of the machinery & equipments, furniture and fixtures •and Ubrary books for the Institutions under IHRD - Sanction accorded - Orders issued.